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Throw me from this train

I met Rob in 2001 when he became a New Folk winner at the Kerrville Folk Festival. It was a real hoot to acquaint this Canadian with some of the Texas Hill country.

From time to time one of his songs comes up on my 400 disk CD player and all of these fond memories from that week come flooding back to me. Like the collapse of his tent. I guess he wasn't too much of a camper, God bless him.

I contacted Rob the other day to see if he would be interested in having a post on this website, and he replied with this file of the song entitled "Throw me from this train". It's some sort of serendipitous thing that he would propose this song, as I am currently working on several railroad projects in Southeastern Indiana.

The railroad can be a powerful metaphor for life, as we can tend to get caught up in a single minded direction with our careers and relationships and never get to explore the rich countryside that surrounds the tracks.

If you enjoy this song as much as I enjoy Rob's music, you will probably want to check out his website at www.roblutes.com . You can order his CDs from this site.

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