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What ever I say about Gary Cross is not enough. 

I met Gary at a Kerrville folk festival early in the decade. He and his buddies were sitting on "The Rock", which is this outcropping in the smoking section; left field of center stage. For years I had gone to the Festival alone and this time was no exception. I was wandering around looking for a place to sit, looking a bit like a lost stray animal I suspect. 

But there are no strangers in the world of Gary Cross, and he immediately struck up a conversation with me. We have been close friends ever since. His enthusiasm and marketing background always make me feel better about my own music than I ought to, and he has provided valuable assistance and insight in some of my endeavors in this regard, including the production of the Enclave event in Austin that we began a few years back (I have recently suspended this due to my travels). 

Horizon is one of many songs that Gary has written, and is a good example of his style and poetic sensitivity to the human condition. It's a long piece (not as long as American Pie) but Gary, as we all know, has a lot to say. 


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