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I met Kevin Hollingsworth about halfway through the first decade of the new millennium. We would get together for jams in Austin, Texas that we called "The Austin Tequila Nights" sessions.

He was one of the few guitarists that I ever played with for accompaniment that seemed to know exactly where I was going with the song, event if he had never heard it. We recorded several sessions but none were studio or commercial quality, yet I cherish these takes nevertheless.

On January 31, 2016, Kevin came to the Congress House Studio and recorded several tracks on a record album that I was working on entitled The Long Road. This last track was just he and I, trying to relive one of those "Austin Tequila Nights".

Kevin passed away 18 days later on February 18, 2016. He finally succumbed to a seven year battle that he had been fighting with cancer.

The day that Kevin was in the studio at Congress House, I set up a microphone in the kitchen while we had lunch. This is the unedited version of our discussion. Present were Mark Hallman, my producer and Andre Moran, the studio's sound engineer.


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If you're ever in northern New Mexico, visit the town or Truchas. This small hamlet, nested in a valley between two mountan ranges is home to many artists and artisan and one of my favorite contemporary painters, eRic Luplow. The best time of year to go is in September when many of the Artists have their studios open to the public, eRic's being one of them. Visit the site for the High Road Art Tour.

When I first became aware of eRic's work I was at the Kerrville Folk festival about 10 or 12 years ago. My first impression was that I had stumbled on to another Ralph Steadman. But eRic is much more. I see Piccasso and Dali and many other modern artists, but in reality, eRic has an unmistakable style that's all his own.

Don't expect him to paint inside the lines, and if you ask him to draw something that is round, he'll likely give you a questioning look that implies that he has no clue as to what you've requested.

Visit hia website: eRic Luplow


eRic at Kerrville


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In this interview hear Shakespeare talk about rehabbing an injured finger by learning guitar, Texas music, classical and jazz influence, drastic cultural changes in his life, formative years in New Mexico, creative philosophy, Shake Russell, and much more.

Check out his listening room website: Shakespeare's Cove



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Today we interview TC Smythe who talks about the three groups that she plays music with and the parts of the world that her music carreer has taken her. There are some good tips in this interview for aspiring songwriters and those who wish to make performing music an occupation.


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Today we interview Tim Bruton who talks about growing up in Seguine, Texas, a stint in Iraq, his cousin Stephen Bruton and his new meet up groop for vets and his work in helping those with post tramatic stress.

 Tim Bruton

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Thanks to TC Smythe of Smythe and Taylor for bringing her recording rig to the festival this year, setting it up at Camp Dances with Armadillos and recording this take on a new song for Robert Lindsay Nathan.




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Cold Beer Time Again

This ia a clip from a session that I recorded a couple of years ago at the Kerrville Folk Festival. I had just met Trenton Chandler that year and he had shared several delightful songs that he had written, all of which were of the genre of "Get Down Texas Honky Tonk". At least that's what comes to my mind when I hear him play.

He hangs out near Bandera, Texas and you can find him on FaceBook if you want to keep up with his ecapades.

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I'm so tired

Tyler Nathan is making his musical debut on our website as the youngest musician to be posted so far. Tyler’s original song entitled “I’m so tired��? was recorded in his dad’s basement on September 3, 2007. Additional backing tracks were added in Vincennes, Indiana the following day.  


Tyler is a student at the University of North Alabama and currently is employed in the restaurant business.

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Phillip Daligan is the second songwriter to grace our podcast site from across the big pond, although he has been in America for about ten years where he is working as a carpenter and living on an island off the Portland Coast of Maine.

I was lucky enough to capture this song during one of Phillip's visits to Camp Dances with Armadillos at the Kerrville Folk Festival this year. 

Phillip's songs are stories which may or may not be true, but are influenced by things that he has seen or done, including experiences from his life near the sea and a stint in the merchant marines. 

This song, entitled Waiting, is a beautiful love ballad about that which is lost and the promise of that which is to come. He is accompanied by Robert Lindsay Nathan on lead acoustic guitar. 

You can reach Phillip at pdaligan@maine.rr.com


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